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Member Showcase

We are excited to release our most recent member video profile featuring Elektrobit and how their Bothell location makes an impact as an international supplier of embedded software solutions and services for the automotive industry.

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Job Center

WTIA Members can post open jobs at our new WTIA Job Center. You also get exclusive access to a database of candidate resumes.

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Why Members Love WTIA

“You have the other big players in the space like Microsoft and Amazon and we want to offer comparable benefits and being part of the WTIA allows us to offer comparable benefits.”

“WTIA has done a critical job of balancing the short range needs of our members with the long-term needs of the state and the industry. The org has been a huge advocate for education at every level. What WTIA did was build a community of people and that’s what it still does.”

“The WTIA is absolutely indispensable in terms of being that central glue, that water cooler that helps companies communicate with each other, exchange information and best practices, and learn from each other.”

Alex Algard CEO, White Pages

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