FullConTech: Action starts here.

October 3, 2016
Microsoft Conference Center (Redmond)
8 AM- 5 PM

“Meaningful, innovative and interactive.  One of the best conferences I’ve ever been to.”

FullConTech 2015 participant

FullConTech brings together leaders from the public and private sectors to develop new ways to foster positive, sustainable growth for the technology industry and our community.  With a focus on exchanging ideas and taking action, FullConTech sessions encourage participants to challenge traditional ways of thinking and collaborate across industry, education, non-profit and government to solve problems and make a meaningful impact.

Last year’s 300 participants worked together to build a playbook for WTIA, designing new initiatives to address specific needs within the technology industry and the broader community.  Based on the cross-sector collaboration that took place at FullConTech 2015, in July 2016, WTIA launched Draft Day, a program that uses a “blind” recruitment and interview prep program to connect diverse talent from underrepresented schools with tech employers across the state.

FullConTech 2016:  Talent | Grow + Attract + Retain

This October, people from the commercial, education, non-profit and government sectors will gather at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, WA for FullConTech 2016.  Building on last year’s discussions, this year’s event focuses on ensuring we have the talented people we need to create and sustain our tech community’s growth. Participants will have the opportunity to hear unique success stories, exchange ideas, and work together to develop strategies for growing, attracting, and retaining talent, both within their organizations and across our industry.  These strategies will form the FullConTech 2016 Playbook.

“I’m excited about this year’s FullConTech and its focus on talent.  Our members tell us every day that hiring, developing and retaining great teams is their highest need, and the definition of ‘great’ is constantly evolving.   We’re bringing together strong leaders from the industry, education and government to learn, advocate and collaborate on this critical issue.” 

Register now to help shape the future of the technology community. It only happens at FullConTech.

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Contact the FullConTech Project Manager to receive updates on tickets, program, schedule and all things FullConTech: fullcontech@washingtontechnology.org


Contact Nick Ellingson, Membership Consultant, for opportunities: Nick@washingtontechnology.org


To volunteer as a facilitator, please fill out this form by 8/31/16.

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