WTIA Cyber Liability Protection

Hackers are on the rise. Cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the world and most employers don’t have basic tools to manage this risk.

WTIA has partnered with HUB International to bring our members an exclusive Cyber Liability Protection program (CLP). Protect your company’s reputation, data, and brand.

Why get CLP?

Damage Control

A data breach hurts your brand and reputation. CLP mitigates business interruption and financial loss.

Comprehensive Protection

CLP covers privacy protection, cyber exhortation, business interruption, breach costs, multimedia protection, and hacker damage.

Protect Your Clients

Data is a very valuable asset and you can be held liable if third party data is lost or stolen.

Easy Online Resource

Get web portal access to tools to prevent network, cyber and privacy losses.

Dedicated Customer Service

Call a hotline when you suspect hacker activity or have questions about data breach.

Cost-effective solution

Leverage WTIA’s group buying power to get an affordable, comprehensive CLP.

Interested in protecting yourself from hackers and the havoc they wreck?

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