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5 Tips to Hit Your Next Product Launch out of the Park

Launching a new product is never easy. Like any other business initiative, a product launch takes time and careful planning. But rushing to the market without a strategic plan can easily become a nightmare if you’re not prepared.

It’s essential to keep these tips in mind when developing your product launch plan:

  1. Define attainable goals. With any product announcement comes big goals for outsider attention and recognition, but make sure you set realistic targets for media outreach. For example, you may want to ask yourself whether it’s more important to achieve press attention or attention from industry influencers. If focusing on the media, it would be wise to determine whether your team would rather see media coverage in one or two top-tier media outlets or a slew of coverage in trade publications throughout the week. Once you’re able to answer these questions, your team can determine a game plan to achieve those specific goals and outline the tactics that will make them attainable.
  2. Know your audience. The goal for any launch is to get the new product in front of as many eyes as possible, but you also want to make sure those eyes belong to your target audience. It’s a waste of time and money to target people who have zero interest in your product or brand. You have to understand the motivations of your ideal prospect and their habits as they relate to your product.
  3. Target your dream reporters. When searching for reporters to cover your launch, look for those who focus their coverage on company and/or product announcements. They tend to be rare, but will be more likely to show interest in what you and your company have to say. Bonus tactic: pitch their newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to gain additional company exposure within your target audience.
  4. Leverage social media. Don’t leave social media on the back burner. Consider using your social channels to build anticipation. Your followers are oftentimes your most engaged customers, so make sure to reach them on a media platform they use on a daily basis where they can share their enthusiasm with their follower base as well.
  5. Think outside the box with an event. Throwing a launch party not only adds excitement around the product but it also can set your product apart from competitors. Even if your launch isn’t a live event with speakers, you can still make it an occasion by bringing in customers and press for a live demo of the new product from your product team.

As new products hit the market every day, curating a successful launch is a must. If you’d like help planning or executing your company’s next big product launch, reach out to our team here.


  • Cassandra Direnzo

    Cassandra Direnzo is a Social Media Strategist at Walker Sands, where she provides comprehensive consulting to businesses looking to establish an online presence through social media.

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