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What is the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA)?

WTIA is an influential co-op of 1,000 tech companies large and small. We are pragmatic partners with education and government leaders building a better world.

What is the mission of WTIA?

WTIA is the unifying voice for the technology community in Washington. We consolidate the power of member companies to solve business problems they can’t solve on their own.

Our priorities are to…

  • Recruit, develop, and retain technology talent in Washington state. We will help Washington residents gain access to ICT jobs.
  • Obtain private and public investment capital to expand technology operations in Washington state. We will increase the number of ICT jobs in Washington state.
  • Design new solutions to address evolving member needs.

How does WTIA achieve its mission?

We’re achieving our mission by…

  • Delighting member companies;
  • Acting as a trusted and credible partner in every endeavor;
  • Cultivating new talent by operating the best nationally registered tech apprenticeship program;
  • Using group buying power to deliver high value, affordable services to member companies;
  • Creating forums for industry, education, and government to collaborate effectively toward building a strong industry in a thriving community;
  • Cultivating public policies that are well informed and serve our communities.

How do I contact WTIA?

You can reach us by:

What companies belong to WTIA?

How do I get WTIA news?


How does my company join WTIA?

It’s easy! Please fill out this form. If you are a technology company, we’ll set you up with Basic Membership right away, and you should hear from us within 24-48 hours. If you’re not a technology company, someone from our Partnerships team will be in touch soon.

Why should I join WTIA?

Joining WTIA provides your company access to membership benefits, supports the WTIA mission, and brings your company into a community of 1,000+ companies. This includes:

  • Co-op priced HR benefits (Health Insurance, 401(k),, and Business Insurance)
  • Access to WTIA programs like ApprentiTM, Startup Club, Cascadia Blockchain Council, and more
  • Event access and sponsorship
  • Networking & connections
  • Discounted products & services
  • Public policy voice

Learn more about WTIA member benefits.

What is the cost of a WTIA membership?

WTIA is a not-for-profit organization that is mission-based. In the interest of best serving the technology industry, basic membership is free for all Technology companies. We define a technology company as a company that designs and sells any of the following: 

  • Computer or electronic devices
  • Software or SaaS
  • Online or mobile applications
  • Network systems
  • Applications to create digital content, interactive
  • Media video, voice or data communication services

Non-tech companies can still get involved as a Partner Member, which starts at $2k.

Does WTIA offer sponsorship opportunities?

Absolutely! Get more out of your WTIA Membership by becoming a Partner Member Download our Sponsorship Prospectus here and contact Kristina Minear to get started.

My company is a WTIA member, does that make me a WTIA member too?

Yes, all employees of WTIA member companies are also members. Learn more about your member benefits here.

Does WTIA membership have restrictions?

WTIA membership has no restrictions but there are some events and programs that are restricted. Visit our member benefits page to learn more.

As a WTIA member, do I get access to the WTIA Health Insurance Plan?

Access to the WTIA Health Insurance Plan is restricted to technology companies. Complete this form to see if you qualify.

I am not sure if my WTIA membership has expired. How do I check?

Check out the member directory or contact us to check on your WTIA membership status.

I have questions about my member benefits. Who do I talk to?

We’re happy to help! Please contact us

Can WTIA promote my event?

Members have preferred access to post your events on our community events calendar. Submit your event here, and we will approve your submission within 2 business days.


What is the WTIA Benefits Program?

The WTIA Benefits Program delivers collectively bargained HR benefits to you and your employees. WTIA does the admin, compliance, and audits, while you focus on building your company and serving your customers.

Learn more about our Medical Bundle, 401(k) and IRAs, Business Insurance, and Phone Plan benefits here.

For additional information, contact

What types of events does WTIA produce?

WTIA has many types of events including seminars, workshops, lectures, round tables, and signature events designed to incite conversation around current topics relevant to the tech industry. And we can build a custom event just for you!  These programs facilitate networking and learning opportunities. When tech professionals grow, their companies grow. And the industry strengthens together.

Register for one of our events on our events calendar.

I would like to volunteer as a speaker for a WTIA program--how do I do that?

Thanks for your interest in volunteering! Please contact the WTIA Events Manager with your proposal and your professional biography and we will let you know if there is a good fit.

How do I register for a WTIA event?

Find and register for WTIA events on the WTIA Events Calendar. Events in green are WTIA events. Events in grey are community partner events (not produced by WTIA).

If you are a member, register with your company email address so you can receive member pricing.

Do I need to be a member to attend WTIA functions?

Some of our events are members-only. Just take a look at the event descriptions to see if the event is open to all!

If I don't RSVP, can I register at the door?

Yes, for most events, it is possible to register and pay with credit card at the door. For events that have reserved seating, like our Giving Gala, we cannot allow for on-site registrations.


Does WTIA represent my company’s interest in government?

WTIA represents the interest of the entire tech industry, advocating for public policy to help support companies of all sizes.

What does Advocacy mean and what does WTIA do in this space?

Advocacy is a term used by trade associations, usually equated with lobbying government officials. The WTIA sees advocacy as a broader responsibility in which we show public support for our industry or for a cause that our industry supports. WTIA engages with policymakers at the federal, state, and local level.

The number one issue our industry faces is access to talent. Our ability to create new jobs dramatically exceeds our state’s ability to produce the talent needed to fill those jobs.  This problem can only be solved through an open and sincere collaboration among industry, education, and government leaders.

To address this talent gap, WTIA support increased investment in K-12 and higher education, greater investments for higher ed, and funding for technology apprenticeships.

Given our broad membership base, WTIA also engages in policies to support and improve the business climate more generally. WTIA supports R&D tax credits and other tax incentives to ensure regional investment, fair and nation-leading online privacy legislation, an immigration policy that retains the talented people we teach and train, and all legislation and civic action that promotes our region on a national stage to celebrate our quality of life, our achievements as a society, and our successes as an industry.

What are the major policy priorities of WTIA?

Our policy priorities are

  • Workforce development
  • Labor regulations
  • Sensible tax policy
  • Supporting tech innovation, research, and development
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