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Create opportunities for higher education

The education council's primary objectives are:

Collaboration between educational institutions and industry partners is often challenging. It can be difficult to break through competing agendas to ensure that educational programs provide students with the skills they need to succeed. Additionally, finding partners for internship programs, work-study, capstone projects, and industry mentoring partners is a huge undertaking, requiring institutions to devote scarce resources to develop projects and timelines in hopes that companies will sign on. 

Our Solution

Employers also face difficulties in managing relationships with myriad colleges and universities across the state to attract high-quality and diverse talent. Implementing a many-to-many relationship model with educational institutions can help employers manage these relationships more effectively, enabling them to identify and attract the best talent. 

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WTIA is uniquely positioned to bring education and industry together and find solutions to better equip Washington students to seek employment in the state and remain here after graduation. We achieve by:

Our focus is facilitating meaningful conversations and collaborations between education and industry stakeholders to find solutions that equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to secure employment in Washington State.

Participating Schools/Organizations

Leadership Team

Craig von Collenberg

E2W Workforce Program Manager (West Region) Amazon Web Services

Brianna Rockenstire

Director · Center of Excellence for Information & Computing Technology

Joshua Dolim

Product Manager · WTIA

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