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FullConTech 2018: Building a Better Workplace

FullConTech returns on May 8th at the Microsoft campus in Redmond and will focus on talent and the workplace. We’ll be talking about challenges related to attracting, retaining, and developing employees — with an emphasis on taking action. The event will provide attendees an opportunity to connect with a diverse group of people from the tech industry, government, education and non-profit organizations to explore common problems in a new way, share lessons learned, and wrestle with top-of-mind issues, like the #MeToo movement, and what they mean to your workplace.

Since the first FullConTech in 2015, we’ve tackled a variety of issues that are important to our tech community, including civic collaboration and immigration. “Talent”-related topics have been on our agenda twice, in 2015 and 2016. So, for this year, why go “back to the future?”

First, almost every organization strives to build a great workplace, but few would say they know exactly how to do it. “Great” is ever-changing: cultures shift, and the bar, generally, keeps getting higher. Moreover, there are a number of challenges — like gender pay gaps, glass ceilings, and diverse employee turnover — that persist, despite decades of efforts to improve them. Making progress in these areas requires letting go of conventional wisdom and developing new ways of thinking. That’s one of the goals of FullConTech; rounding up the more UNusual suspects.

Another reason to revisit the topic of “employee talent” is that workplace issues are all over the news right now. People are talking about safety, bias, and inclusivity in a way that is more open, more direct, and more urgent than ever before. And there’s an appetite for taking that conversation to the next level, going beyond words to building solutions. FullConTech is a forum for doing that and providing a launch pad for change.

“Action starts here” is what FullConTech is all about, and the event brings people together who want to make a difference. When it’s over, you’ll leave with new connections, fresh perspectives, and ideas for impact. You may be inspired to join with others to create a whole new program, or you may meet someone who has had success with a new approach that you’d like try within your own team. Maybe you’ll have started a conversation you want to continue. Wherever the FullConTech day takes you, you’ll find yourself energized and wanting to do something.

What happens on May 8th is just the beginning. We’ll collect all the plans and ideas from the day into a playbook and follow progress in the coming year, sharing success stories, and “help wanted” requests. And at the next FullConTech, we’ll provide a progress report on what people achieved and what comes next.

For FullConTech 2018 details, see here. Early bird registration ends March 1st, so register today. To learn more about FullConTech Fall 2017, be sure to read the Playbook.


  • Anne Miano

    Anne Miano is a writer and communications consultant living in Seattle. She has over 15 years experience in the tech industry, working with Microsoft, Dell, Texas Instruments and other companies.

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