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About the event

FullConTech is not your typical conference. Yes, there are speakers and leaders to hear from, to be inspired by, and to learn from. There are opportunities to expand your network throughout the day. However, the action could not start without you as an attendee and active participant.

We collectively come together for one day to offer our diverse backgrounds and experiences in a safe and trusted environment to imagine and create possible solutions to complex issues. It’s up to us as individuals to form new collaborative groups to implement these solutions into action.

The Playbook we’ll create from this event presents ideas for positive change — the “plays” — that will be generated and shared. The Playbook will be both a record of the conversations that take place and as a call to action, to provide everyone who reads it with opportunities for Discovery, Collaboration, and to make an Impact.

Join us to create these plays and support positive change in the tech industry!

Workforce Development Track

The workforce development track focuses on promoting diverse talent pools and increasing access to educational pathways, with an eye toward fostering pathways from K-12 through post-secondary into the job market, broadening hiring from underrepresented talent pools, and improving the understanding of required skills for tech sector jobs.

Emerging Tech Track

The emerging tech track prioritizes creating an environment that fosters the growth and success of companies developing and investing in emerging technologies in the state of Washington, recognizing their significance in shaping the tech ecosystem and the need for supportive opportunities to thrive.

Join Us

Why attend

At FullConTech, you’ll have the opportunity to make an impact by collaborating with key stakeholders to discuss challenges and come up with real-world solutions that WTIA will use to create a Playbook to guide our programming into 2024. You’ll also have the chance to network, learn more about the ecosystem, and engage with key stakeholders.

Date, Time and Location

October 17, 2023 at the Pacific Science Center

Agenda Summary

Students will have the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills and get qualitative feedback with industry professionals on how to improve interview skills and resumes

Hear from experts in government, industry, and academia as they discuss the intersection of emerging tech and workforce development in the Pacific Northwest and the challenges we face in the region.

The heart of FullConTech: our invent sessions are the opportunity for attendees to collaborate on and ideate solutions for the broad ecosystemwide challenges posed in the joint session.

Network with experts across government, industry, and academia to continue conversations, make new connections, and deepen relationships over drinks and light fare.

About the venue

Mission statement

To ignite curiosity in every child and fuel a passion for discover, experimentation, and critical thinking in all of us.

About Pacific Science Center

Born in the spirit of innovation at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle, the Pacific Science Center has ignited curiosity for more than 60 years. Since its founding as the nation’s first science and technology center, PacSci has worked to expand access to science, serve as a vital resource for educators, and fuel discovery and experimentation as a vibrant community laboratory.

PacSci is an independent, not-for-profit institution that serves nearly 1 million people in the Pacific Northwest and beyond each year. Look for its iconic arches at the foot of the Space Needle in the Seattle Center—and for innovative PacSci programming and digital resources at schools, libraries, community centers throughout Washington and beyond.

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