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Tech has the power to change lives.

WTIA is a coalition of like-minded innovators and problem solvers who believe in harnessing the transformative potential of technology and our collective strengths to build a better, brighter world for everyone. 


Building a better, brighter world requires us to move beyond outdated beliefs and paradigms. We believe that diversity is the future of tech—this conviction is our north star.

Decades of partnership, hands-on experience, and investments of time and expertise have led us to focus our efforts on four endeavors to support WTIA members:

system development

WTIA helps employers build systems to develop, recruit, and retain diverse tech talent, ensuring access to tech jobs for all who aspire to them. Workplaces that demonstrably embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion are better positioned to access the workforce needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive, global market.

Helping small and medium
businesses grow and scale

WTIA leverages a vast network of expert investors, founders, and partners to deliver equitable access to affordable employee benefits, talent management services, and leadership training. These essential services support employers in attracting and retaining high-performing teams.

Responsible advocacy that
supports thriving communities

WTIA is a recognized and powerful voice in public policy. We facilitate productive collaboration among industry leaders, regulatory agencies, and elected officials to expand access to investment, tech jobs, and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Convening thought leaders to solve complex challenges

Our community of leaders from companies, educational institutions, and government works together to enable conversations that drive industry-wide changes and innovation. Our collective goal is to address systemic challenges and ensure equitable access to investment capital, training, and careers in tech. 


Our mission is to foster a robust, equity-centered technology sector that empowers thriving communities. The values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to our work. Our values are anchored in respect, empathy, and cultural humility. We lead, support, and learn from our partners to create an innovative vision toward a just and equitable technology sector where all people from diverse backgrounds thrivenot simply survive.

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