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WTIA is a consortium that includes a not-for-profit member trade association, a not-for-profit tech apprenticeship intermediary, and a for-profit corporation delivering business services. WTIA has approximately 80 employees.

WTIA members gain access to events, high-value health insurance, cost-effective 401(k) plans, and a community of like-minded tech executives. WTIA has approximately 1,000 members.

The primary areas of focus include:


Our mission is to foster a robust, equity-centered technology sector that empowers thriving communities. We recruit technology companies and allies that view diversity as a competitive advantage, value collaboration as essential to sustainable growth, and fully embrace the opportunity to partner with and empower the communities in which we operate.


The values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to our work. Our values are anchored in respect, empathy, and cultural humility. We lead, support, and learn from our partners to create an innovative vision toward a just and equitable technology sector where all people from diverse backgrounds thrive – not simply survive


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Michael Schutzler

CEO, Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA)

Jennifer Carlson

Executive Director, WTIA Workforce Institute (Apprenti)

Yolánda Chase

Chief Diversity Officer, WTIA DEI Center of Excellence

April House

President of HR Benefits, INC

Arry Yu

Chair U.S. Blockchain Coalition

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