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Ryan Swanson teams with startups and entrepreneurs at all stages, from start to finish.

Seattle is an innovative place. Since 1897, Ryan Swanson has proudly helped Pacific Northwest entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Ryan Swanson shares their clients’ enthusiasm for their ideas and ambitions and strives to be an invaluable resource at every stage of their businesses’ development. For example, Ryan Swanson has recently refined its “Entrepreneur’s Guide From Start to Finish,” which is an easy-to-digest infographic that helps entrepreneurs think about key legal issues at each stage of business development. Ryan Swanson’s lawyers routinely meet with clients on a non-billable basis to serve as a sounding board, to brainstorm, and to stay current. Ryan Swanson offers startups the resources of a large, full-service law firm while providing them with the personal attention and rates of a smaller firm. Their tech startup team has extensive resources regionally, nationally and internationally, and they have done dozens of Reg D fundings for emerging growth companies, as well as tech licensing, employment, corporate and immigration work for startups.

Ryan Swanson serves as trusted legal advisers to businesses in their infancy (e.g., 3 people with an idea) as well as to businesses that have emerged from formation and are gaining traction in the marketplace. Of the many dozens of technology companies they serve, some representative clients include: (a) a new technology company looking to transform in-home use of technology that has patents and a product in development [zero employees and no revenue]; (b) a biotech company developing innovative technology that has contracts with international pharmaceutical companies and has taken in venture capital funds to fuel its expansion [10 employees and millions in revenue]; and (c) a tech-oriented service company formed ten years ago that is rapidly expanding [over 100 employees and over 25 million in revenue].

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