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Seattle In The Spotlight December 27th 2018 - January 3rd 2019

Seattle in the Spotlight: December 27th, 2018 – January 3rd, 2019

Happy New Year! Here’s the latest headlines surrounding the Seattle tech community: Seattle’s more traditional industries can attract and retain tech talent, long-term ferries plan call for electric-hybrid vessels and 16 new boats, six investors make their predictions for the upcoming year of where tech is headed, minimum wage climbs to $16 per hour for Seattle’s largest employers, and more.

Long-Term Ferries Plan Call for Electric-Hybrid Vessels, 16 New Boats

KING 5 | Allison Sundell | January 3

Washington State Ferries’ long-term plan for the next 20 years includes replacing 13 vessels that need to be retired, adding three new boats to increase capacity and fill in during maintenance, and introducing electric-hybrid vessels to the fleet. The plan, which was submitted to the state Legislature on Thursday, will guide future funding decisions until 2040. Most of the recommendations were based on improving service, becoming a greener operation, and managing growth.The largest ferry system in the U.S., Washington State Ferries expects ridership to grow 30 percent by 2040, which breaks down to 1.2 percent each year.”

Seattle’s More Traditional Industries Can Attract and Retain Tech Talent, Too

Puget Sound Business Journal |Brian Paulen | January 2

“Traditional industries know that to compete in today’s fast-paced digital world — where customer expectations are high, and where updates to apps and technology infrastructure are of paramount importance — they must attract and retain top tech talent. But with unemployment in Washington state at record lows, and a bustling Seattle tech sector, job seekers in tech aren’t submitting their CVs to area banks, hospitals, and utilities in droves. They’re after employment opportunities at the Amazons, Microsofts and Googles of the world, where they aspire to rake in top dollar to work on cutting-edge products. According to West Monroe’s recent survey of HR professionals in Seattle, 16% said it was far more difficult to hire tech roles (vs. non-tech roles) and nearly 50% said it was somewhat more difficult.”

Where is Tech Headed in 2019? Six Investors Make Their Predictions for the Upcoming Year

GeekWire | Taylor Soper | January 1

“How many Seattle startups will go public in 2019? What will happen to Amazon’s stock price over the next 12 months? What will be the most overhyped technology next year?…As 2018 winds down and we look at ahead to another year, GeekWire asked six venture capitalists from the Pacific Northwest for their 2019 predictions, as a window into their outlook on the upcoming year.”

Minimum Wage Climbs to $16 per Hour for Seattle’s Largest Employers

KING 5 | KING Staff | December 30

“Minimum wage in Seattle is soaring to $16 per hour in 2019 for the city’s largest employers. The wage increase affects companies with more than 500 workers worldwide.  Companies with less than 500 employees will pay at least $15 per hour as of January 1. According to Seattle’s Office of Labor Standards, “Small employers can meet this requirement by paying no less than $12.00 per hour in wages and contributing at least $3.00 per hour toward an employee’s medical benefits and/or reported tips.”


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