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Seattle In The Spotlight February 22nd - 28th, 2019

Seattle in the Spotlight: February 22nd – 28th, 2019

As we’re on the cusp of spring, be sure to stay up to date with the latest headlines surrounding the Seattle tech community, including: Univ. of Washington Opens New Computer Science Building, Doubling Capacity to Train Future Tech Workers, Redfin Report Shows Spike in Pending Sales for Seattle Housing Market, and more.

Univ. of Washington Opens New Computer Science Building, Doubling Capacity to Train Future Tech Workers

GeekWire | Taylor Soper | February 28

“The UW boasts one of the top computer science programs in the world. Just down the road, Microsoft grew into a technology giant and provided the impetus to turn Seattle into a global tech center. This week the university opened doors to a new 135,000 square-foot computer science building that will help lay the groundwork for the next 40 years and beyond.”

Is Cooling of Seattle Housing Market Already Over? Redfin Report Shows Spike in Pending Sales

GeekWire | Kurt Schlosser | February 28

“Two months after predicting that tech hubs like Seattle could be in for a big real estate cooldown in 2019, the tech-powered brokerage Redfin issued a report Wednesday stating that the cooling may already be over. Redfin pointed to a 15 percent year-over-year rise in pending sales in January, the indicator for the number of homes that went under contract during that month. It’s the first increase in pending sales since November 2017 and the largest since December 2016, the company stated in a blog post.”

The Secret to Seattle’s Success in Tech, and What Needs to Happen to Spark the Next Wave of Growth

GeekWire | Tony Lystra | February 23

“Despite all its success, Seattle’s tech community needs an unprecedented win to take it to the next level — a fast-growing, world-changing startup that creates a huge return for its backers and sparks a new wave of angel investing. The challenge: this isn’t what has historically fueled the region’s tech sector. But all of the work so far might have laid the foundation for this next generation. Those are some of the takeaways from a conversation with GeekWire co-founder John Cook on an episode of Under Construction, a new podcast from the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, hosted by Seattle Metro Chamber CEO Marilyn Strickland.”


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