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Seattle In The Spotlight July 21 - July 27

Seattle in the Spotlight: July 21 – July 27

The Best $100,000+ Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Concentrated in Just 8 Cities

Wall Street Journal | Josh Zumbrun | July 26

“In theory, the high-wage jobs of the technology industry could be filled by people working anywhere…But the cities — Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Austin, Raleigh, Washington, Baltimore and Boston — account for more than 27% of the listings for U.S. tech jobs, research from Jed Kolko, the chief economist of the job-search website Indeed, shows…There are some signs the high costs take a toll. Over the past year, Seattle has gained job share against its more expensive counterparts in San Jose and San Francisco, according to Indeed’s data, a tentative sign that they are becoming too expensive for employers.”

The Amazon Effect: Seattle is The Top City, And Retail The Top Industry, for Software Job Growth

GeekWire | Monica Nickelsburg | July 26

“Seattle is the fastest-growing U.S. city for software developer jobs, according to a new report from job database Glassdoor. The study also revealed that U.S. retail saw more gains in software jobs in the past five years than any other industry. Both of those findings go together, of course, given Seattle’s status as home to the king of online retail, Amazon. Software jobs in Seattle grew 6.7 percent in the past five years, according to the report.”

Best Big Cities to Live In? Seattle Among Top in U.S.

KING 5 | Jordan Ball | July 26

“There are a plethora of big cities in the United States and if you’re living in Seattle, then you might be in the right place. A Wallethub study compiled a list of the 62 largest U.S. cities and ranked them from best to last. The study was based on five key categories — affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety — across 50 different dimensions…Rounding out the top five was Seattle (No. 2); Pittsburgh (No. 3); San Diego (No. 4); and Colorado Springs (No. 5).”

Seattle City Council Approves Upzoning of 3 Central District Intersections

Seattle Times | Daniel Beekman | July 24

“The Seattle City Council voted unanimously Monday to upzone three intersections along 23rd Avenue in the Central District. The changes will allow developers to build up to several stories higher on various properties around the intersections of 23rd Avenue with East Union, East Cherry and South Jackson streets. On certain properties, buildings as tall as seven stories will be allowed. The upzones also will trigger a new program requiring developers to help the city create affordable housing.”


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