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Shining a Spotlight on WTIA Membership

If you’ve been involved with WTIA in any capacity but still haven’t joined, you’ve probably heard a lot about our membership program. With good reason—WTIA membership offers great benefits for tech and non-tech companies, and we’re proud to support and strengthen our community by providing access to opportunities that can help our members thrive.

What Is WTIA Membership? 

WTIA offers two tiers of membership:

  • In the interest of best serving the technology industry, basic membership is free for all technology companies. We define a technology company as a company that designs and sells any of the following: 
    • Computer or electronic devices
    • Software or SaaS
    • Online or mobile applications
    • Network systems
    • Applications to create digital content, interactive
    • Media video, voice, or data communication services
  • Non-tech companies can get involved as a Partner Member. The cost to do so starts at $2,000.

Why Join WTIA?

Joining WTIA provides your company access to membership benefits, supports the WTIA mission, and brings your company into a community of 1,000+ companies. This includes:

  • Co-op priced HR benefits (Health Insurance, 401(k), and Business Insurance)
  • Access to WTIA programs like ApprentiTM, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Center of Excellence, Startup Club, Cascadia Blockchain Council, and more
  • Invitations to events  
  • Networking and connections
  • Discounted products and services
  • Representation for the tech sector in public policy and with legislators
  • Thought leadership from subject matter experts on blockchain, employment benefits, DEI, workforce development, and more
  • Opportunities to engage with councils, roundtable discussions, and affinity groups to solve some of our community’s most challenging problems.

While WTIA membership (see above) is available to companies from all industries, some events and programs do have restrictions based on factors such as industry or title. Keep in mind, that membership is not required (though always encouraged!) for non-tech companies to access certain programs. You can learn more about all of this here.

How Do I Learn More?

Discover all of the benefits of WTIA membership. You can also reach out to us with questions about the specific benefits for your company. We’re happy to help!

I’m Ready to Become a Member. How Do I Join?

If you’re ready to join WTIA, welcome! Become a member today.

And if you know another founder or company owner who could benefit from WTIA membership, feel free to share this blog post with them.

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