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WTIA Founder Cohort Program

Cohort 8

Congratulations to all of the Cohort 8 founders selected for the program.

FitForm Technologies Inc

Hi, I’m Blaine Killen, an ex-Microsoft engineer, and my company is FitForm Technologies Inc. The problem we’re solving is incorrect technique while strength training, leading to almost 12 million sports injuries per year around the world. Our product FitLift is designed for our target customers of enthusiast athletes, strength training programs, and elite performance-focused gyms. We make money by offering a subscription for platform access, and our team is the right team because our two founders both come from athletics where we were injured due to incorrect training and collectively possess the skillsets that allowed us to achieve monthly revenue and product market fit. I need help with product and sales management, connections to strength coaches or gym owners, and introductions to applicable investors.

CoopaSims Transport

Hi, I’m Markiss Cooper, and my company is CoopaSims Transport. The problem we’re solving is. Our same-day courier service is designed for our target customers of distribution centers, warehouses, and retail stores. We make money by delivering anything from a single document to palletized freight, and our team is the right team because we are a homegrown local business looking to be a leader in local job placement offering above living wage salaries recently released from incarceration, minority women, and veterans. I need help with scaling our business from a local small startup to an enterprise to allow global franchising opportunities.


Hi, I’m Vaughan, and my company is Datafi. The problem we’re solving is simple & secure business data access for everyone. Our product Datafi is designed for our target customer of mid-market companies. We make money by charging for the number of secure queries processed, and our team is the right team because we are repeat entrepreneurs that have previously built global data platforms and led large-scale data projects where the needs of non-technical users were not met by existing complex tech stack solutions. I need help with marketing & comms to support our product launch.

IAccessible Inc

Hi, I’m Manish Agrawal, and my company is IAccessible Inc. The problem we’re solving is that product makers cannot get inputs from people with lived experience of disabilities to make applications and Websites that are truly inclusive. Our service to provide user research and accessibility assessments done by people with disabilities is designed for our target customer of large enterprise product makers who currently spend millions on accessibility but still cannot get this level of expertise. We make money by connecting enterprises to people with disabilities, who are the real experts in accessibility and inclusion. Our team is the right team because it consists of experts with a lifetime of experience with disabilities and accessibility and also has deep technology and enterprise software delivery experience. I need help with networking, sales, and marketing.


Hi, I’m Leanne Linsky, and my company is Plauzzable. The problems we’re solving are comedians continuously struggle to get stage time and fans are in need of laughs now more than ever. Our product is a LIVE online entertainment platform designed for our target customers, comedians, and their fans, to transform their real-time engagement. We make money with comedian subscriptions, fan pay-per-view options, and advertisements. Our team is the right team because we are diverse and have a combined experience of 40+ years in business, 15+ years of tech, and 20+ years in comedy. I need help with raising our next round of funding.

Future Gen

Hi, I’m Eddie Mazariegos, and my company is Future Gen. The problem we’re solving is helping high schoolers figure out what to do after high school. Our production studio is designed for our target customer of post-secondary education programs. We make money by creating an enterprise account with a college to broadcast their campus culture and day in a life of a student to future prospective students, and our team is the right team because we are the future LinkedIn killers. I need help with fundraising to accelerate MVP iterations and introductions to champions of education closing the gap between high school and higher education.

New Frontier Aerospace

Hi, I’m Bill Bruner, and my company is New Frontier Aerospace. The problem we’re solving is that international travel is too slow for the pace of modern life & airlines dumps a billion tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere every year. Our product, a renewably fueled, vertical takeoff & landing hypersonic aircraft, is designed for our target customers of airline, air cargo, charter & helicopter operators. We make money by 3D printing our aircraft & engines affordably and selling them to customers at prices that compete with today’s aircraft. Our team is the right team because our COO invented the 3D printed, regeneratively cooled, liquid fuel rocket, and our company President was the Strategic Defense Initiative Program Manager who built and flew history’s first 100% reusable vertical takeoff and landing rocket. We need help with scaling and go-to-market.

Mile One

Hi, I’m Sydney Badger, and my company is Mile One. The problem we’re solving is the first mile of the apparel supply chain with speed, transparency, and less waste. Our product is a managed marketplace designed for our target customers of early and growth-stage apparel brands. We make money by streamlining development, sourcing, and production processes for apparel companies, and our team is the right team because we have built and operated apparel brands and have established a trusted global supply network. I need help with fundraising, finding a technical product leader, and intros for new potential customers.



Hi, I’m Patrick Faga, one of the founders of FirstWork. We are solving the disability education accessibility issue by providing a novel homework tool built for kids with disabilities. Our Product, FirstWork is designed for our customers(B2B) Applied Behavioral Analysis and Speech-Language Pathology clinics. We make money using a SaaS model, our client clinics pay 10$/user/month to use FirstWork, users are the children in therapy, parents, and therapists. We would greatly appreciate input and guidance in effectively raising the first round of investment, managing our systems as the company grows, and ensuring the application is able to scale with the growing consumer base from both the technical components (coding, software, iOS/Android, etc) as well as data management. We are also interested in learning as much as we can from the diverse and broad skill sets of the tech-related talent of Seattle, WA, and are excited to begin this opportunity.

FirstWork Logo


Hi, I’m Evan Wasik, and my company is Limis. The problem we’re solving is minimizing downtime and inefficiency for industrial manufacturers. Our product is the first step to this, it digitizes paper logsheets and allows manually gathered data that is currently lost to drive preemptive decision-making that keeps plants running longer, safer, and with higher output.  It is designed for our target customer of chemical manufacturing plants. We make money by charging for implementation labor, as well as a software subscription fee, and our team is the right team because we blend a wealth of experience in chemical manufacturing and data science. I need help closing sales with large companies as a new entity and with software development best practices, making our product intuitive and ensuring we capture all use cases for our client.



Brandon Graham

Hi, I’m Brandon Graham, and my company is VeriHash Inc. The problem we’re solving is the lack of diversity within the crypto infrastructure space. Our crypto infrastructure platform is designed for anyone to participate in on-chain validation, run blockchain data analytics, or build the web3 future; regardless of sophistication. We make money via fees on transaction flows and charges based on a usage model, and our team is the right team because we have spent decades building secure, fault-tolerant, efficient, and scalable platforms. I need help with growth in our institutional and enterprise offerings and preparing for our first raise.

Group B Labs


Hi, I’m Illi Eisner and my company is Group B Labs, a Techstars-backed startup. The problem we’re solving is that 92% of new mothers struggle when it comes to feeding their baby yet there has been a complete lack of innovation when it comes to the simplification of bottle preparation and feeding data collection. Our product, bubbe, is designed for our target customer of mothers with children aged 2 and younger. Bubbe’s patented technologies revolutionize bottle preparation while its automatic data collection capabilities underpin a comprehensive ecosystem of feeding support software and services. We make money by selling bubbe bottles and accessories, subscriptions to our feeding-support app and services, and subscriptions to compostable bubbe formula pods. Our team is the right team because, as parents, we know this problem first hand, and because of our respective expertise and years of experience in engineering and maternal and infant care, and our passion to integrate health and wellness with technology in a way that nurtures both parent and child. I need help with introductions to investors, connections to strategic partners, refining our pricing and GTM strategy, and hiring a business/operations lead.

Group B Labs


Michael Upton

Hi, I’m Michael Upton, and my company is Ravel. The problem we’re solving is enabling sales and marketing teams to prioritize long lead lists with the help of hard-to-find data. Our product is designed for our target customer of B2B software providers in the US. We make money by selling annual subscriptions. Our team is the right team because we’ve successfully scaled SaaS startups to IPO and have first-hand experience with the current state of terrible data in the market. I need help raising capital, designing our next app UI/UX, and navigating a few decisions on data orchestration.


Littlebird Connected Care

Monica PlathHi, I’m Monica Plath, and my company is Littlebird Connected Care. The problem we’re solving is Toddler wearable + data greenspace. Our product wearable + app is designed for our target customer of Parents of Toddlers. We make money through DTC and Subscription Service, and our team is the right team because we have gone from idea to MVP HW+SW in a year, with award-winning members in design, media, and tech with multiple successful product launches. I need help with Consumer Product & Hardware VC introductions.


Hi, I’m Jason Cavness, and my company is CavnessHR. The problem we’re solving is saving time and money on HR for companies with 49 or fewer people. Our product CavnessHR is designed for our target customer of companies with 49 or fewer people. We make money by charging a monthly fee based on the number of people in the company and our team is the right team because we have combined experience in HR, tech, operations, and other items I need help with fundraising and sales.

Watershed Therapeutics

Hi, I’m Saniya Ali, and my company is Watershed Therapeutics. The problem we’re solving is the prevention and treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections. Our product is locally delivered in the bladder and provides a long-term preventive solution for post-menopausal women. We are fundraising to support the operations of the company, and our team is the right team because we have substantial experience in the anti-infectives and therapeutics market. I need help with connecting with investors who would be excited to be part of our mission as we prepare to raise series A.

Watershed Therapeutics

Loopr AI

Hi, I’m Priyansha, and my company is Loopr AI! The problem we’re solving is the lack of AI adoption in the traditional manufacturing, aerospace, and supply chain industries. Loopr offers a library of ready-to-use, end-to-end, and pay-as-you-go AI micro-apps to reduce the adoption time of AI automation from months to days. Using Loopr, organizations can quickly leverage AI to reduce QA costs by automating defect detection in finished products, automating compliance validation, and much more. We make money by charging a subscription or licensing cost to our customers for using our AI micro-apps and add-on support services. I am looking for help with GTM strategies and Sales enablement for enterprise customers in our target industries, as well as with building and scaling product teams.


Hi, we are Anna Del Toro and Kathleen Pow, and Ellebit is our company.  Ellebit transforms the way restaurants and restaurant clients manage their private dining and catering needs.  Ellebit eliminates time-consuming aspects of private dining booking through the automation of venue selection, menu selection, and add-ons, for small and large party groups, maximizing the efficiency of the booking process, using our online booking tool.  We will target medium to high-end restaurants with private and semi-private dining capabilities and corporate event planners.  Revenue is captured through subscriptions from restaurants and booking success fees from restaurant clients.  Anna Del Toro has 10 years of event planning and management experience, and Kathleen Pow has seven years of operations management and marketing experience.  We understand the industry’s ins and outs. We also have the experience and connections to design the best process to help our customers save time.  Ellebit has the web prototype built and will need funding and a software developer to assist with our Beta build.


Joola LLC

Hi, I’m Henny Damian, and my company is Joola LLC. The problem we’re solving is a lack of access to capital exacerbated by credit scores and low socioeconomic status. Our product, a rotating group savings platform, is designed for our target customers of family and friends to connect, borrow and save together. We make money by collecting a small service fee from the top three positions in each group, and our team is the right team because we have experienced the power of community savings firsthand. We come from professional and educational backgrounds that allow us to build, develop, and maintain our software in-house. I need help with fundraising.

Joola LLC.

Task-K I

Hi, I’m Kanako Matsumoto, and my company is Task-KI, Inc. The problem we’re solving is to eliminate late pick-ups of children from childcare providers by parents, relieving stress from both working parents and childcare providers.  Our product, the Task-KI mobile app is designed for our target customer of childcare providers and their customers (working parents) to build a strong, trusted community around the childcare provider.  We make money by providing services through the app via a subscription model, and our team is the right team because we are all working moms who have experienced the challenges of balancing parenting and work and strongly believe in the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child, as well as having the know-how and skills to effectively solve the issue. I need help with brand awareness of our product and locating paying customers.

Task-K I


Hi, I’m Lee Brillhart, and my company is NutriStyle. The problem we’re solving is excessive healthcare costs tied to persistent nutrition-related conditions. Our product, with Menu Creator and Care Manager modules, and optimized using machine learning, is designed for our target customers in healthcare, wellness, home care, and food retail and generates customizable meal plans and shopping lists connected to local grocers. We make money by selling our software to business customers who pay on a PMPM or PUPM basis, from product promotion fees, and data analytics packages and our team is the right team because our co-founders have complementary expertise in nutrition science and food sales and marketing and have attracted high-quality executives with healthcare, technology, corporate wellness, and pharma expertise. I need help with introductions to angels and early-stage investors and leads to potential customers.



Hi, I’m Colleen Hilton, and my company is Thrivelution. Thrivelution’s SaaS technology solves patient churn in healthcare and we’re beginning with mental health. Our product increases access to care for self-insured employers and increases the profitability of therapy providers with a proven 125% improvement in patient retention in therapy. We make money on a subscription basis; monthly for providers and annual engagements for employers. Our team is uniquely qualified to address this problem as the CEO is a 2x founder in mental health with an exit already under her belt, our CPO and CTO have designed, built and launched products for numerous national brands. I need help with fundraising and warm intros into employers.


Hi, I’m the founder and CEO of Gotara. We are a career growth platform for women in STEM+ powered by AI/ML. We help retain and grow women leaders, stemming the tide of STEM women who leave their jobs at a rate of 40-50%, costing US employers $9B a year. Gotara offers B2B service through our STAR Programs which are “Career Sprints” of 8 weeks resulting in up to 80% skills improvement, 100% application of the nano learning, and 100% recommendation of the program. Our STAR Programs are designed for our target customers in the tech industry or tech jobs in all industries, like Cisco, Trellix, Experian, and Skyhigh Security. We make money through a subscription business model where employers buy subscriptions of seats/year for their nominated women talent and subscribe to quarterly insights reports. Our team is the right team because we have been through the muddy waters and grew to executive roles despite the system–we know how to navigate and what is needed. We at Gotara need help getting introductions to high-net-worth individuals (Angels) who are passionate about gender parity and willing to write big checks to create a sustainable business that helps both women and their employers.

ETA Media Inc

Hi, I’m Todd Macadangdang, and my company is ETA Media Inc. The problem we’re solving is the inability of so many graduates entering the workplace to be hired due to a lack of essential soft skills. Our product Mindsage is designed for our target customer of young adults, high school through college ages. We make money by offering a subscription to our content, workshops, and events, and our team is the right team because we’ve worked in the ED-tech industry for over 15 years, working closely with educators, but as business professionals understanding what it takes to be hired by today’s top companies.  I need help with production costs for completing content, developing key features for data collection, and integrating with companies looking to hire graduates who will make an impact immediately.


Hi, we are Bryan Lee and Christina Calio, and our company is Popins. We turn artists, influencers, characters, and others into 3D photorealistic holograms that fans can use to create next-gen UGC for social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram. We monetize these experiences by embossing the content with photos and taglines from world-leading brands, NFT owners, and others onto the UGC itself providing a link between the artist and the licensing party. Our model is to eliminate barriers to entry for artists and brands by providing a turnkey solution that allows them to enter real and virtual worlds almost effortlessly. Christina and Bryan have each been at the forefront of technological transformations in the entertainment and media spaces and understand the importance of community and social media platforms. We are eager to work with WTIA and our cohorts to ensure that our efforts are focused on the highest reward opportunities for ourselves and our partners.

Community Circle

Hi, we are Amanda Shi & Mariah Farris, and our company is Community Circle. The problem we’re solving is real-time visibility and reservations for emergency and temporary housing shelters. Our product, a web-based application, is designed for our target customers of shelter workers and our unhoused neighbors. We make money through government contracts and grants, and our team is the right team because we believe that every person deserves a warm, safe place to sleep at night. We need help with business model development and startup investment to support our MVP’s beta testing.


Hi, I’m Will Gibbs, and my company is MODICA. We’re updating severely outmoded factory design and deployment workflows. Our core product, XENOPS™, is software designed to streamline and supercharge manufacturers and Industrial System Integrators of any size and type. We make money by brokering AI-curated handshakes between factory solution providers and factory solution seekers, and our team is the right team because we’ve experienced first-hand the pain points we’re eliminating. I need help with recruiting for highly scalable teams, go-to-market strategy refinement, and manufacturing industry contacts interested in exploring pilots as we build self-organizing, self-healing factories, anywhere on Earth and beyond.


Hi, I’m Vlasta Schutzenhofer, and my company is Roura. The problem we’re solving is period cramps. Our product, the Relief Brief, is designed for our target customer of people with moderate to severe period cramps who want a medication-free solution that actually fits into their daily life. We make money by selling the Relief Brief directly to consumers, and our team is the right team because we are engineers with cramps so we have the technical know-how and customer empathy to bring this product to market successfully. I need help with connections to angel investors in the FemTech or consumer technology spaces.


Hi, I’m Roble, and my company is Transalytics. The problem we’re solving is financial inclusion for unbanked and underbanked money service businesses (MSBs) that are mostly immigrant-owned. Our risk management service is designed to help banks reduce compliance costs and increase earnings from their “high-risk” customers like MSBs. We make money by charging the bank a percentage of remittance volume, and our team is the right team because as previous owners of an MSB we also faced challenges accessing financial services. I’m looking forward to tapping into WTIA’s wealth of startup knowledge to help guide Transalytics as we prepare for launch and to network.


Hi, I’m Kapil Hetamsaria, and my company is Viddl – a short video platform for the enterprise. The problem we’re solving is sales teams spend a lot of time finding relevant product & sales content when they need it most. Our product is an AI-powered video summarization engine to convert long videos into 60-90 second summary trailers with in-video search capabilities & deep links to the original content. It is designed for our target customer of sales enablement & product marketing teams in large enterprises. We make money by charging a $ fee for the conversion of long videos into short video trailers using our platform, and our team is the right team because of its strength and expertise in building enterprise-grade technology, video expertise, and a large network to tap into for selling into enterprises. I need help with establishing a strong product market fit and refining the proposition to make the sales process simple and easy.


Hi, I’m Heather Stratford, and my company is Drip7. The problem we’re solving is how to make cyber security and compliance training more impactful, retained, and empowering for employees. Our product is a SaaS product built as a full microlearning customizable platform. Drip7 is designed for our target customers of small to enterprise-sized businesses. We make money by selling licenses, content, and other support services. Our team is the right team because we have decades of experience in technology, content development, cyber security, and business innovation. I need help with growing our customer base and completing a full Series A investment round.


Hi, I’m Eyal Yassky, and my company is Hilico. The problem we’re solving is that many people around the world want to efficiently collect and use rainwater purified for drinking quality but can not do so. Especially in urban areas. Our rainwater collector is designed for our target customers of outdoor and camping enthusiasts, eco-conscious consumers and urban farmers. We make money by selling our product on various e-commerce platforms, and our team is the right team because we have first-hand experience with the issue we are solving and a variety of expertises. We need help with funding our market penetration and go-to-market strategy.


Hi, I’m Scott Ware, and my company is MirrorCache. The problem we’re solving is that hotel rating services look for hotels to have some type of technology in their rooms and it creates a need to be filled in order to receive higher ratings or a better score. Our product, SmartAccessMirror, is designed for our target customers within the hotel and hospitality industry. We make money by licensing our hotel operating system software to talk to existing hotel technology through our mirrors, leasing our hardware (mirrors), and creating a deep understanding of guest behaviors so hotels can make data-driven decisions. Our team is the right team because we are made up of top software, electrical, and mechanical engineers, business leaders, and industry experts nationally and internationally. I need help with enhancing our product experiences, managing go-to-market growth strategy, and supply chain, and raising additional capital.

Bio Fiber Industries

Hi, I’m Ashley Stallworth, and my company is Bio Fiber Industries. The problem we’re solving is how to reduce carbon impact while improving energy efficiency for industrial, agricultural, and renewable energy sectors. Our flagship product “Carbon Bricks” is designed for urban and rural builders, interior designers, architects, engineers, and farmers providing measurable progress toward carbon net-zero goals. We make money by growing, processing, and manufacturing our carbon-neutral commodity materials in raw and finished form. Our team is the right team because of its diversity, specializations, and experience in key markets that we provide, educate, and deliver for. I need help with capital to acquire more customers, enhance our production, leverage markets and create more jobs.

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