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Volunteer to be a Mentor!

Volunteer today to help mentor, coach, and advise the next generation of entrepreneurs in Washington.

WTIA has a variety of programs that connect early-stage founders with experienced mentors, including:

Founder Cohort

With two cohorts each year, this program supports 50+ seed-stage startups with educational content, mentorship, and other stage-appropriate resources.

WTIA International Startup Accelerators

WTIA works with Canada, Korea, and Taiwan to create on-ramps for startups looking to expand into the US and Washington state specifically.


WTIA is partnering with a number of organizations to create new accelerators in the upcoming year. Similar to other programs, we’ll be looking for mentors for early-stage startup founders.

Startup Membership

WTIA has over 300 startup members that we strive to connect with stage-appropriate resources, including mentorship and networking opportunities.

Benefits of Mentoring

​​Pay it forward – you’ve gained valuable experience, so help pass that on to the next generation of entrepreneurs
Develop your leadership, coaching, and listening skills
Give back to the local community
Learn about exciting new products and technologies


There is flexibility to meet with companies just once, a handful of times, or on an ongoing basis through accelerator programs.

We’re looking for any area of expertise, but some common ones founders often ask for include go-to-market strategies, sales, marketing, and product development.

As of now, mentors and mentees are matched by the WTIA Startup Program team based on the need and relevant experience, but we’ll be creating an online community in the future to let folks connect directly.

Volunteer to be a Mentor!

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