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Thinking About FullConTech? Here’s Why You Should Join Us.

Thinking About FullConTech? Here’s Why You Should Join Us

FullConTech takes a road trip on September 26, as we board a bus and head east to Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth, WA to talk about the Immigrant Workforce. Want to join the discussion but are still on the fence about hitting the road? Here are six reasons to make the trip:

1. Be an ambassador to the ag industry.

You’ve probably eaten a Washington State apple harvested by an immigrant worker. But have you ever talked with an apple producer about immigration? At FullConTech, you’ll get the chance to meet people in the agriculture industry and talk about a hot issue – the immigrant workforce – that matters to us all. It’s also an opportunity to join forces to share ideas and solve problems. But that’s just the beginning. In Leavenworth, we’ll start building a cross-industry partnership that could help shift the conversation about how our country approaches immigration.

2. Get away from it all. 

Nestled in Narrow Bottom Canyon in the heart of the Wenatchee Valley, Sleeping Lady provides a rustic setting while treating you to fine dining and modern meeting facilities. It’s just 2 ½ hours from Seattle but a world away in terms of peace and quiet. And the change in environment gets us out of our comfortable places and stimulates our creativity.  We’re doing Thoreau with a collaborative twist: we’ll head to the woods where we can think differently, build castles in the air, and put foundations under them — together.

3. Travel like a rock star.

How long has it been since you kicked back and left the driving to someone else? Our Starline Luxury Coaches offer tour bus quality fit for the Boss himself. As you travel to Leavenworth, you’ll enjoy full-blast air conditioning, WiFi, snacks, and comfy seats. Plus, you’ll be road-tripping with 100 of the most interesting people the Puget Sound area has to offer. Use your travel time to make new friends or take advantage of the unencumbered “you time” to meditate, listen to music, read, or just recline in your seat and catch some Zs.

4. Sightsee our drop-dead-gorgeous state.

We’re heading east to Leavenworth on US. Route 2. Been there, done that? But have you “been there, done that” looking out the window? It’s a whole different experience traveling across Washington State without your fists gripping the steering wheel when all you have to do is enjoy the scenery. Route 2, a former wagon trail, forms part of two National Scenic Byways. Which means the view out your Starline window will be nothing short of awesome. You’ll see the Skykomish River, Stevens Pass, Big Chief Mountain, and the Wenatchee National Forest.

5. Hear Todd Schulte from

The organization’s president is making the trip from Washington, D.C. to Washington State just to join us for FullConTech. There isn’t yet a chapter in Seattle, so this is a rare opportunity to hear from one of the leading voices in the push for immigration reform. And what’s inspiring Todd to travel 2600 miles? We’re doing what is doing: bringing different industries together to talk about and improve how we approach immigration.

6. Meet leaders attending the Tech Institute.

There’s a whole lot going on at Sleeping Lady on September 26. Not only will FullConTech be there, bringing together people from the tech and ag industries, the Tech Institute retreat is happening at the same time in the same place. And we’ll all be having lunch together.

We’re putting together an amazing FullConTech day that won’t be like anything you’ve ever experienced. A beautiful setting apart from our everyday, fascinating and energetic people, and a chance to collaborate to make a difference.

Ready to sign up? You can register here:


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