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Top 10 advisory needs for Entrepreneurs

It is an absolute joy to be able to serve the technology community in Washington State. Every day the WTIA gets to engage with entrepreneurs who develop new products and services that are changing the world. What I always find fascinating in these interactions is the consistent and universal feedback I receive from these top minds. It goes something like this:

“I am way too busy building cool things and do not have the expertise or resources to run a business. Please help me!”

I guess it is true that if you are thinking about curing cancer 24-7, you likely don’t have the time or propensity to focus on more pedestrian matters… like eating, exercising, or running a business.

Seriously though, given the volume of feedback we have received, the WTIA felt it prudent to publish a summary of the top 10 business needs requested by our members:

  • Temporary or permanent staffing
  • Contract development and review
  • Corporate document development and review
  • Stock option planning
  • Patent and invention filings
  • Bookkeeping and financial reporting
  • IT and facilities management
  • Human resource audits
  • Employee benefits
  • Project management outsourcing
CC image courtesy of r. nial bradshaw on Flickr
CC image courtesy of r. nial bradshaw on Flickr

The good news…WTIA membership solves these problems! The WTIA has compiled a service partner team that includes some of best brands in the State. They have deep expertise in serving

the tech community and advising companies in these matters, and offer exclusive discounts for these services if you are a WTIA member.

If your business is suffering from one of these issues or you have another business concern that you need help with, call us today or click here.



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