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Walker Sands Tip Of The Week Social Media Engagement 101

Walker Sands Tip of the Week: Social Media Engagement 101

Social media engagement requires an ongoing cycle of research, planning, execution, reporting and adjustment. Whether you’re just beginning to engage on social media, or are pivoting to a new strategy, it’s important to keep these best practices in mind:

  • Conduct a social media audit. Evaluate how and on which platforms your company is active.

  • Research your target audience. Understanding how they use social media can help tailor your strategy. Do I really need to be active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest? Probably not.

  • Do more than just keep the lights on. Sharing engaging, timely content at a steady cadence is a process, but is the best way to see results.

  • Respond to questions and requests. Because it improves the customer experience, this type of engagement can be one of the most valuable. Use you channels to be a resource to customers and build trust.

When implementing a social media strategy, companies can stumble in a few key ways. Not every company needs to use the same tone on social media and forcing a personality that doesn’t fit can be detrimental to your brand. Additionally, many companies apply the same strategy to different platforms. While Twitter should be updated frequently to address trends, LinkedIn engagement can be less frequent and more purposeful.

There’s more to social media strategy than sometimes meets the eye, so being purposeful when engaging on these platforms can help your company see more success. If you’d like help in setting or executing a social strategy for your business, reach out to our team here.


  • Cassandra Direnzo

    Cassandra Direnzo is a Social Media Strategist at Walker Sands, where she provides comprehensive consulting to businesses looking to establish an online presence through social media.

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