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Seattle In The Spotlight January 4th - 10th, 2018

Who’s Hiring: April 11, 2019

Continuous Care: Navigating Cancer Raises $12M for Patient Relationship Software

BuiltInSeattle | Quinten Dol | April 2, 2019

“What happens when you take the framework of a customer relationship management tool like Salesforce and, instead of using it to maximize sales and hone marketing processes, you use it to improve the experiences of cancer patients throughout their treatment?

Well, you’d get a piece of software like Navigating Cancer, a Seattle-based startup that uses the CRM concept to help doctors manage interactions with patients and optimize their care. The company calls it a “patient relationship management” platform, and it just raised $12 million in funding to scale out its team and invest in data analytics capabilities…Bunker, who joined as CEO last September, said the company will use the funding to scale out its team — which will double in the coming year to around 100 employees — and invest in its technology.”

Learn more about local job opportunities at WTIA member company Navigating Cancer.

Staffing Software Startup Crelate Raises $5.3M, Plans to Grow Kirkland Engineering Center

Built In Seattle | Quinten Dol | April 3, 2019

“Crelate is one of Built In Seattle’s best startups to work in 2019, and builds software that uses a combination of applicant tracking and customer relationship management software to help recruiting agencies source job opportunities and candidates in one place. Through its dashboard, recruiting and staffing agencies can access detailed customer profiles, track interactions, create and assign tasks and more…Crelate is currently looking to fill roles in marketing, operational leadership, sales leadership, design, testing and development. While the company’s sales teams sit in Maryland, Crelate’s engineering team is based in Kirkland. The company currently employs 21 people, 12 of whom work in Kirkland..”

Learn more about local job opportunities at WTIA member company Crelate.

Apana Gulps down $11M to Help Costco, Other Clients Track Water Use

Xconomy | Jeff Buchanan | April 9, 2019

Apana, which develops systems of sensor-equipped devices and complementary software to help facilities monitor their water use, announced Tuesday it has raised $11 million to fuel its continued growth.

Grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants are among those who use Apana’s products and services, which the Bellingham, WA-based company says can help these organizations save money by reducing their water consumption.”

Learn more about local job opportunities at Apana.

Amazon Lists More Than 70 Jobs in Bellevue — Not Seattle — for Project Kuiper Satellite Operation

GeekWire | Alan Boyle | April 5, 2019

“Boy, that escalated quickly: Just hours after GeekWire revealed that Amazon is planning a 3,236-satellite constellation to provide global broadband access, code-named Project Kuiper, the company posted scores of job openings for the new space venture.

Virtually all of the 73 Kuiper-related jobs listed on Amazon’s website are in Bellevue, Wash. One exception is a Seattle opening for a senior corporate counsel specializing in international trade and export control…Most of the openings are for engineers specializing in antennas, systems modeling, flight software, semiconductor and hardware design, satellite and spacecraft design, communication systems and flight software.”

Learn more about local job opportunities at Kuiper.

Real Estate Startup Showdigs Raises $3M to Build and Expand Apartment Showing Marketplace

GeekWire | Nat Levy | April 11, 2019

“Another new Seattle startup has raised cash to fix problems in the complicated world of real estate.

Showdigs raised a $3 million seed round to make life easier for property managers who are inundated with requests for showings of rental homes and apartments. The company operates an Uber-like marketplace model, connecting property managers in need of people to show houses and apartments with real estate brokers looking to make some extra cash…The seed round was led by Bellevue, Wash.-based venture capital firm Trilogy Equity Partners. Bensimon said the cash infusion will be used to beef up the company’s software and platform, so that when the time comes to expand, scaling up the business will go smoothly.”Learn more about local job opportunities at Showdigs.


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