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Who’s Hiring: October 10, 2018

Part of the WTIA’s mission is to grow a strong and sustainable workforce, which means we’re passionate about keeping local talent plugged into our state’s technology industry. Every other week we’ll be keeping you connected to Washington’s job market with the latest in local hiring news.

Microsoft Invests in Next Generation Headphone Company

On MSFT | Kareem Anderson |October 4, 2018

“On the heels of announcing its first ever set of headphones, new Microsoft partner Human, Inc. also announced the same day that the company just received $21 million in its Series B investment round, to which it considered Microsoft a strategic investor. Human, Inc.’s announcement conveniently dovetailed into Microsoft’s Surface event and subsequent announcement as the company sought a round of investment to launch its ‘next generation’ headphone, dubbed Human Headphones.”

Learn more about local job opportunities at WTIA member companies Human, Inc. and Microsoft.

Cisco Is Hiring More Women and Non-White Employees Than Ever, and They Credit This Start-Up for Helping

CBNC | Jordan Novet | October 9, 2018

“The other day Michael Krupa signed the paperwork for a two-year renewal of Cisco’s subscription to software from Textio, whose technology helps people write job ads that resonate with a diverse pool of people…‘We are the most diverse Cisco we’ve been since the year 2000,’ Krupa said in an interview with CNBC, pointing to the company’s latest diversity report, which shows 24 percent of Cisco’s worldwide employees are women, while 47 percent of U.S. employees identify as nonwhite or non-Caucasian. Textio has contributed to the improvements, Krupa said.”

Learn more about local job opportunities at WTIA member company Cisco.

T-Mobile Expanding Seattle-Area Campus with New Office Lease, Report Says

GeekWire | Nat Levy | October 9, 2018 

“T-Mobile has scooped up more office space in its hometown of Bellevue, Wash., according to a new report, as it prepares to bring Sprint into the fold, creating a much larger wireless competitor for AT&T and Verizon.

Real estate brokerage Broderick Group reports that T-Mobile has leased 88,000 square feet at the Sunset Corporate Campus, a pair of five-story buildings just down the road from its Bellevue headquarters campus. T-Mobile’s campus in Bellevue is approximately 900,000 square feet, the company has said in regulatory filings…In addition to the new lease, the report says T-Mobile renewed nearly 175,000 square feet of office space at the Canyon Pointe complex in the city of Bothell, north of Bellevue.”

Learn more about local job opportunities WTIA member company T-Mobile.

Apptio Acquires FittedCloud to Broaden Enterprise IT Analytics Tools

Xconomy | Jeff Buchanan | October 9, 2018

“Apptio, a Seattle-area company that helps corporate technology leaders manage their IT spending, said Wednesday that it has acquired FittedCloud, a Boston-based developer of cloud optimization software…Bellevue, WA-based Apptio, which sells its software as a subscription, said that acquiring FittedCloud will broaden Apptio’s cloud analytics offerings. The Boston company has developed machine learning algorithms that can ‘analyze millions of lines of utilization data from public cloud services to predict and optimize utilization in real time,’ Apptio co-founder and CEO Sunny Gupta said in the release.”

Learn more about local job opportunities at Apptio.

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