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Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

  1. Must be  original, unpublished content.
  2. State the issue clearly in the first paragraph.
  3. Explain its relevance to WTIA members and/or Washington state’s  tech industry at large, using data whenever possible.
  4. Limit the word count to 500-1,200 words.
  5. Provide a horizontal-oriented image (larger than 980×550 pixels). This image must be either a photo that you already own or created, or free for commercial use under Creative Commons CC0. We suggest searching for images like these on websites like PhotoPinPixabay, or Stock Up. Please do not use an image you found on Google, as the likelihood that it is a royalty-free image is very slim.
  6. Include a suggested headline.
  7. Include hyperlinks when possible (e.g., to data cited, to companies mentioned).
  8. Author should include a byline with job title, organization and contact information. Only individuals, not organizations, will be accepted as authors.
  9. Include a 60-100 word bio written in third person.
  10. Include author’s  headshot, preferably square, and under 300 pixels.
  11. Cannot be salesy in nature or endorse particular products or services.
  12. Guest contributors write on a voluntary, unpaid, basis.
  13. Include Washington-based examples when possible.
  14. Agree to promote the blog post in your personal and/or company’s social media channels (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

We also welcome posts on tech jobs and careers, helpful tips and tricks, non-profits supporting the tech industry, interesting industry research, and fun, interesting, or inspirational stories about Seattle’s tech community. Examples:

Interested? Please fill out the form below and briefly state what you’d like to share with the WTIA community. We will be in touch with you shortly, depending on the relevance to our audience and quality of the content.


  • Amy Fawcett

    Amy is the Senior Manager of Marketing Operations at WTIA. Learn more about her here.

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