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WTIA Presents The FullConTech Spring 2017 Playbook

WTIA Presents the FullConTech Spring 2017 Playbook

The FullConTech Spring 2017 Playbook is here. And it’s packed full of ideas about civic collaboration.

In this Playbook you’ll find a summary of FullConTech, including:

  • Highlights from the 2017 Seattle CityClub Civic Health Index
  • Insights on civic innovation from Nigel Jacobs, Co-Chair of the Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics
  • Highlights from FullConTech speakers and panelists

The bulk of the Playbook, though, is devoted to FullConTech’s collaborative brainstorm, known as the Invent Session, with a list of 140 ideas participants developed for improving the Seattle area community. These ideas span the 5 focus areas of Education, Health, Livability, Transportation, and Economic Growth.

This FullConTech, held on May 22, was different from past events, primarily because it brought diverse people together to talk about issues facing the Seattle area, generally, rather than just the tech industry. And the ideas presented in the Playbook reflect this. Moreover, with this Playbook, we’ve separated the ideas into three groups:

  • “Plays” that can be completed within 6-12 months; WTIA will help facilitate volunteer teams that want to pursue these as projects. (41 ideas)
  • Projects that can be completed in more than 12 months and may require policy changes (72 ideas)
  • Projects currently being managed by existing organizations (25 ideas)

WTIA invites people to volunteer to work on the plays. If you’re interested, please fill out this form. And feel free to forward a link to the playbook to your friends and colleagues who want to get more involved with the community. By Aug 15, we’ll match volunteers who want to work on the same play(s).

Another opportunity to get involved is through the organizations listed that are currently working on some of the Playbook ideas. If you’d like like to get involved with those projects, please contact the organizations directly. Also, if we’ve missed any organizations that are doing work we should highlight, please let us know.

To learn more about the data presented at FullConTech Spring 2017, please go to FullConTech Runs on Data.

Interested in attending FullConTech? Join us on September 26 in Leavenworth to discuss “The Immigrant Workforce.


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