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There's strength in numbers

We are 1,000 technology companies working together to build a strong technology sector in a thriving community.

Learn more about our Pact to dismantle racism in tech. Read more.

What We Do


Seeking an affordable 401(k) that will ease the administrative burden on your staff? Look no further than our 401(k) Multiple Employer Plan.

Affinity Groups

WTIA brings together individuals with common problems, goals, industry knowledge and expertise. Getting connected has never been easier.


Fill your talent gap. Using our proprietary screening process, we’ve created an affordable, efficient path to develop diverse, certified tech talent.

Business Insurance

Your business is our priority. Protect your business and its stakeholders with high quality, affordable insurance plans.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

WTIA launched the Anti-Racism in Tech Pact and a DEI Office available to contributing members who are committed to dismantling systemic racism in their organization.


You can connect through WTIA: peers, partners, investors, you name it. Find a forum that suits your needs.

Health Insurance

Let us take care of employee health benefits while you build products and serve your customers.

Personal Insurance

Ensure you have the appropriate coverage to protect you and your family.

Public Policy and Advocacy

WTIA provides tech policy expertise and represents the voice of Washington’s tech sector — from cutting edge startups to Fortune 500 companies — in policy conversations.

What's New
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Mental Health Benefits in the Workplace: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Now more than ever, people are opening up about mental health. Even celebrities and athletes…

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SECURE Act 2.0: What This Pending Legislation Means for Small Business Retirement Plans

Retirement plan legislation currently being considered in Congress could provide much-needed support to employers in…

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WTIA International Accelerator Program Transcends Borders to Support Global Growth for Startups

In business, there’s no such thing as a local market anymore. To be relevant and…

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Focusing an Intersectional Lens on Antiracist Work

As we celebrate Pride Month in June, it’s a critical time to acknowledge and honor…

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“WTIA has been a critical partner to Barn2Door in every phase of our growth and development. From health and wellness benefits for our employees, to facilities, financing and intellectual property and privacy protection too. We simply could not be operating at the scale and rate of growth we are today, but for the ongoing support and commitment from the entire team at WTIA. Thank you!”

Janelle Maiocco, Barn2Door CEO and Founder

Learn more about how Barn2Door used WTIA to recruit high-quality talent and manage infrastructure to scale quickly
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