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There's strength in numbers

WTIA is an influential co-op of 1100 tech companies large and small. We are pragmatic partners with education and government leaders building a better world.

What We Do

Apprenti Program

Apprenti provides a pipeline for minorities, women and veterans to gain training, certification and placement within the tech industry.

HR Benefits

Access high-value insurance and 401(k) benefits for your employees and get administrative relief with the WTIA suite of HR Benefits.

Ion Program

Ion is a collaboration incubator that brings together tech, government and nonprofits to tackle community challenges.


WTIA offers a wide range of benefits to tech companies and the people who make them great.


You can connect through WTIA: peers, partners, investors, you name it, find a forum that suits your needs.

Public Policy

We amplify your voice and make sure industry needs get taken seriously so you can do what you do best.

What's New

Seattle in the Spotlight: January 24th – 30th, 2020

Seattle’s tech salaries are second highest in the U.S. - and they’re on the rise,…

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Seattle in the Spotlight: January 17th – 23rd, 2020

Mobile voting will be available to 1.2M Seattle area voters in upcoming King County election,…

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WTIA Logo On Image Of Person Holding A Sparkler. The Power Of We In The Technology Industry

The Power of We

It’s 2020. Happy New Year everyone. Happy Lunar New Year too, as we kick off…

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Founder Cohort Applications Open

WTIA Founder Cohort program helps 24 venture-scale, seed-stage startups grow and scale over the course of 18 months. Founders leave with a roadmap that guides them through milestones like navigating increasing revenue, securing investment, and growing the team.

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