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Want exclusive access to events, high value health insurance, cost-effective 401k plans, and a community of like-minded tech executives?

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WTIA Member Benefits
Access to the WTIA Community

You’ll join a community of 800 other member companies that have a wide range of expertise.

WTIA Events

You and your employees will receive free or discounted admission to the 50+ events WTIA organizes each year. Some events are for members only, like our monthly happy hour.

WTIA 401(k) Plan

Save money and time on administering your company’s 401k plan. Learn more here.

WTIA Health Plan

You can leverage the purchasing power of WTIA’s membership to get access to the most high-value employee benefits plans for the widest range of budgets designed for tech companies in Washington.

Marketing to the WTIA Community

You’ll get priority for marketing opportunities such as speaking at WTIA events, blogging, venue hosting, and event sponsorship.

Member Discounts

You and your team members will get exclusive savings on valuable services and products like the WTIA Phone Plan, hotel deals, and banking resources. Check out these special discounts and perks.

Access to Apprentices

You’ll have the option to become a hiring partner for WTIA’s Workforce Institute and get access to bringing on trained, diverse tech talent as apprentices. We source these apprentices for you.

Join the Community

Here’s the thing–WTIA will advocate on behalf of you, whether you’re a member or not. But if you want to engage in the kinds of meaningful conversations, connections, and collaborations across the tech community that only WTIA can facilitate and get access to all the benefits mentioned above, become a member.

Still want to learn more?

We’ll be the first to tell you that WTIA Membership is where it’s at. But we get it, you want a little more information. Talk to one of us before going all in!

Carole Currey

Carole Currey

Business Account Specialist
Nick Ellingson

Nick Ellingson

Startup Ambassador and Membership Consultant
Toni Colman

Toni Colman

Senior Account Manager
Amy Fawcett

Amy Fawcett

Digital Producer
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