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WTIA Business Consulting

Running your own business is a lot of work — with a lot of moving parts.
Our WTIA Business Consultants can help you grow and thrive.

Our Process

We meet with each employer for 60 minutes to obtain an understanding of their business pain points and top challenges in the next 12 months. Post interview, we produce a written business summary and provide you with a list of business service recommendations and contacts.

Our consultants continue to support you post business consultation and will perform formal check-ins every 6 months to assess progress, update recommendations and get feedback around performance. Your dedicated consultant acts as a working partner and is available for consultation throughout the entire relationship. Our consultants are also available for special projects and strategic guidance to executive teams, if desired.

What can you expect from your business advisor relationship?

A 60 minute virtual consultation when you join WTIA as a member company

A business consultant who specializes in finance and operations

Consultants with 20+ years of proven operating experience in companies of various sizes and industries

A team with a deep understanding of your business, processes, technology, vendors, pain-points, and goals

A complimentary, annual business assessment and vendor analysis. This helps you hone your operations and reduce wasted resources and time from poor vendor selection.

A semiannual meeting with your consultant

Continued support as you grow. Email your consultant anytime!

Our Team

Jim Roop, Business Consultant

Jim Roop has over 30 years of executive leadership experience, focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environments. He is known for developing strong partnerships with key business decision-makers while building and motivating highly successful cross-functional teams. He has worked as Vice President & General Manager at Spacelabs Healthcare and SVP of Corporate Development for CQI Solutions as well as President of Medical Solutions and currently, Northwest Healthcare. Jim has directed several successful merger and acquisition transactions and managed P&L’s in excess of $100M.

Join Today

WTIA Business Consulting is available to WTIA Members from tech companies.

Not sure if you’re a member? Click here.
If you’re a current WTIA member at a tech company, reach out directly to Jim here.

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