Having problems competing for talent?

You’re not alone.

If you are a small or mid-size tech employer headquartered in Washington, we have the right health insurance solution for you.


Having problems competing for talent?

You’re not alone.

If you are a small or mid-size tech employer headquartered in Washington, we have the right health insurance solution for you.


Why join the WTIA Benefits Plan?


All of our plans include exclusive features, like telemedicine at a discounted office-visit copay, and an employer web portal. This is just the start–many more new features will be released in the coming months.

Packaged Offerings

Instead of buying employee benefits separately, we offer them as a package on one consolidated invoice. Pick and choose the right products for you.

Ease of Administration

WTIA offers employer administrators an online web platform. This saves you time and administrative costs. Access what you need when you want it.

Built-In Consultancy

Rather than making a decision on your own, leverage consultants who understand the market. Take advantage of our broker distribution network to evaluate the best choice for your employees.

WTIA Member Benefits

The WTIA health insurance plan includes membership with WTIA as long as you stay on the plan. This means that all of your employees get access to WTIA’s member benefits.

Our Mission

WTIA is the unifying voice of a sector that is the fastest growing industry in our state. Your participation in the health insurance plan allows us to fulfill this critically important mission that benefits our entire community.



Dedicated account manger




WTIA assigns an account manager to each employer


Dental insurance

Delta Dental

Vision insurance


Life, short term & long term disability insurance


4 plan options for each insurance product

Employee assistance program


2 plan options

Teleconference with a Doctor


Non-covered care procedure pricing

OK Copay

Online pricing and reviews for non-covered procedures

Health and benefit consultants


WTIA health plan includes built in consultancy


Legal, HR, and Accounting


WTIA endorsed service providers – free consultation


Home and Auto Insurance

Liberty Mutual

Computers and laptops



Travel program

Delta Airlines

Entertainment program



Panels & Keynotes


Kickoff, moderate or participate in a panel at a WTIA event

Venue hosting


Serve as host to industry, education, and/or government professionals

Sponsorship & Advertising


Brand reach to industry, education, and/or government leaders

You want to have an offering and benefit to your employees so they can get peace of mind so we can concentrate on building the business…. It’s really cool to have a lot of stuff already pre-screened for us-we’ve taken the best of the best—and to be able to fine tune it. We have been able to make offers to people because of the health care benefits. We can back it with a name, WTIA endorsed, it’s always been a real positive for us.


A large number of startups take advantage of the health insurance. When they can save money on insurance and get access to other services they need that is cost effective and doesn’t cause a lot of distraction and time and time for them to find those services, they focus on building their business.


You have the other big players in the space like Microsoft and Amazon and we want to offer comparable benefits and being part of WTIA allows us to do that.

Team Jeff Dance

“I remember getting the offer and package and it included good health insurance and I thought great, I don’t have to give up good benefits (when joining a startup). It was because of our membership with WTIA that Tableau was able to have a competitive health insurance plan that makes it easier for employees to make the decision to start with a startup or grow with a company like Tableau.”

Tableau Elissa Fink Ev


What is the WTIA health insurance plan and why is it unique?

The WTIA leverages the purchasing power of its membership to offer the most widely recognized health insurance plan in the state for tech companies.

The WTIA has developed a customized menu of health insurance offerings that include medical, dental, vision, life/AD&D, and wellness coverage. This bundled set of services is administered by the WTIA and results in one monthly consolidated bill for those members on the plan.

The WTIA offers the only health insurance plan sanctioned by Washington’s Insurance Commissioner for technology employers headquartered in Washington State.

With 27 medical plan options, our members have access to a range of exclusive benefits that help attract and retain their most important asset, their employees.

Who is the target customer of the WTIA health insurance plan?

The WTIA health insurance plan has been designed to meet the needs and wants of all U.S. technology employers. It specifically targets small and mid-size tech employers headquartered in Washington State.

How do I access the WTIA health insurance plan?

To access the WTIA health insurance plan, you must be a technology employer and a member of the WTIA.

The WTIA uses insurance brokers to quote, support and onboard member companies into our health insurance plans. Most of the insurance brokers in the community have been qualified by Premera and can issue a quote on one of our 27 plan options.

If you don’t currently work with a broker, the WTIA can make a recommendation based on the needs of your business.

Why did WTIA switch its medical insurance carrier from Regence to Premera?

The WTIA has partnered with Premera to serve as the primary medical insurance provider for our health insurance plan. The WTIA moved its carrier relationship from Regence to Premera because:

  • Premera’s commitment to designing custom insurance plans that meet the needs of technology employers and employees.
  • Premera’s proven history of delivering unique and innovative health care solutions in our region.

Should I move to a Premera plan?

Premera is the carrier of record for the WTIA health insurance plan moving forward.

We highly encourage our current and prospective health insurance members to move to Premera and stay within the WTIA community. Participants in Premera plans will have more plan choices, receive better pricing and will be members of the WTIA, which includes access to a multitude of benefits designed specifically for the tech sector.

What are the new features of the WTIA health insurance plan in 2016?

The WTIA health insurance plan, in conjunction with our new carrier partner Premera, has augmented its offering for the 2016 plan year. New features include:

  • Expanded portfolio of healthcare plan options (from 15 to 27 medical plans)
  • Telemedicine (via Teladoc®)
  • Employer management web platform

What is a single renewal date? How is that different from today?

Since the WTIA health insurance plan has been in operation, a member could lock their health insurance premium rates for a 12 month period and could chose to start their participation during any month within the year.

Regulation was enacted that takes away this flexibility. This is the first year that associations offering insurance are required to move from a rolling renewal to a single renewal date.

If a member wants to lock their insurance premiums for a 12 month period (in 2016 there is a 13 month lock option) they must start their participation in the new plan on December 1st (13 month lock option starts November 1st).

If a member choses to participate in one of our plans on January 1st or later, their premium rate will be locked for less than 12 month period thru November 30th. Upon renewal, a 12 month guaranteed rate will be issued.

What period does the 2016 plan year cover?

The 2016 plan year period starts November 1, 2015 and ends November 30, 2016.

Is my premium cost guaranteed and for how long?

Premium pricing is guaranteed by the insurance carrier. This means that members will receive a guaranteed price through the duration of the plan year. As employers add and drop covered employees the total monthly premiums due will change based on the guaranteed rate.

Premium pricing is guaranteed through the plan year end, which is November 30th. This usually results in a 12 month price guarantee; however, if the member joins in a month after December, the guarantee will be pro-rated through November 30th.

What are the membership dues for health insurance plan?

Membership dues for participating employers with less than 20 employees are $500. Membership dues for participating employers with greater than 20 employees are $2,500.

Dues provide tech employers with access to the health insurance program as well as other member benefits like discounted services, events, advocacy, and programs.

Can I pick specific insurance products within the WTIA health insurance plan?

If employers purchase medical insurance they will have the option of picking from other health insurance benefits like vision, dental, vision, life, short & long term disability and employee assistance. Employers can take advantage of one or all of these ancillary health benefits.
If employers do not purchase medical insurance thru the WTIA, they will not have access to other health insurance benefits offered by the WTIA.

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