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The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) for the first time in its 33 year history has evaluated and ranked candidates for Seattle Mayor and Seattle City Council Position 8. This process was created by techies, for techies. The questionnaire and interviews were specifically focused on policy issues that directly impact those of us who live and work in our city.

Our publication of the results are meant to be supplemental source of information to help inform tech industry voters.

Based on the answers to our preliminary questions that we received from most candidates and based on their availability for an in-person interview, a select group of candidates were given the chance to meet, refine their answers, and discuss specific policy matters.

Summaries of each candidate — based on our in-person interviews and the written responses to our questions — are provided in a link next to each name below. In addition to our summary, the written response is provided as well for each candidate we interviewed.

We would like to thank all candidates running for their willingness to serve our great city.

We urge every tech employee who lives in Seattle to vote in this primary on Tuesday August 1. Click here to register to vote. To learn more about the candidates, view the Seattle Voters’ Guide.

Jenny DurkanJessyn FarrellMike McGinnCary Moon
Chief exec experience
Deep policy expertise
City government experience
Other government experience
Able and willing to engage tech industry
Success partnering with small business
Deep familiarity with tech issues
Success brokering complex negotiations
WTIA Candidate Summary
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