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WTIA Founder Cohort Program

WTIA Founder Cohort program helps 30-35 venture-scale, seed-stage startups grow and scale over the course of 6 months. We and our partners will provide founders with a roadmap that will help guide them through their next milestones as they navigate increasing revenue, securing investment, and growing the team.

Specifically, founders in the program will learn:

  • How to fundraise (running a fundraising process, term sheets, cap tables, etc.)
  • How to manage a board of directors
  • Corporate governance (accounting, legal, etc.)
  • Customer development and go to market strategies

Our goal is to help invest in our ecosystem and use our connections, sponsors, and partners to support the next generation of companies via mentorship, education, coaching, and connections. We also want to connect early-stage entrepreneurs with similarly staged peers to build cohorts of connected founders that grow together.

The program is completely virtual and kicks off with a bootcamp spread out over 3 days focused on all things fundraising. From there we’ll have workshops each month on stage-appropriate topics that you can implement in your company right away.

This program is free to apply for, free to participate in, and there will be no equity exchanged.

Key Dates for Cohort 9

Applications are now open.

Selections: February 2023

Program Kick-off: March 2023

Questions? Contact Koki Sato for more details.


The ideal participant will be the CEO and Founder of a venture-scale tech startup that:

  1. Has a team or co-founder
  2. The company is past the idea stage
  3. Has some traction whether it’s revenue, customers, or investment
  4. Is below $1M in annual revenue (revenue can be $0)
  5. Is headquartered in Washington

The typical founder – At the point where their business is becoming real, starting to gain customers or are about to, starting to fundraise or are about to

Those selected for the program will receive:

  • Access to $10k of AWS credits
  • Discount on Carta cap table management subscription
  • Discount on HubSpot subscription
  • 2 years of free WTIA membership
  • Access to WTIA health insurance, business insurance, and 401(k)
  • Access to a group of experienced coaches, mentors, and experts
  • Access to WTIA Founder Cohort group and Slack channel


“This was the best program by far that I have participated in because of the quality programming, the discounts, and the phenomenal return on time invested.”

Christina Cyr, CEO of dTOOR

“Engaging with the people you’ve brought in for each of the sessions, and especially the other founders in the cohort, played a big role in helping me navigate the highs/lows/unknowns/surprises along the way of our startup journey.”

Ben Vaught, CEO of DemandStar Corporation



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